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We’ve saved more than 2,800 children’s lives on 168 trips.

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Upcoming Trips


Benghazi, Libya
JAN 6 – 27

Basra, Iraq
JAN 6 – 20


Zletin City, Libya
FEB 17 – MAR 16

Kigali, Rwanda
FEB 25 – MAR 9


Cairo, Egypt
MAR 3 – 10

What Our Volunteers
Have To Say

I didn’t anticipate how much I would learn working with the local nurses. It’s the most challenging work I have ever done. Seeing the dedication of the local teams and their enthusiasm makes you want to make repeat trips.

Jo Dyer
PICU Nurse U.K

On each trip, I have definitely received more than I have given because I take back with me, for my home and for my family, all the blessings from the parents of children we treated. I am left with the satisfaction that these children will have a healthier life. And I am looking forward to more!!!

Armando Guzman
Anesthesiologist, Mexico

I have learned new things about cardiology, practiced some clinical skills, and spent a lot of time translating. It has been amazing to visit children on the ward after their operations and see how happy and healthy they look.

Anna Kushnir
Medical Student, U.S.A

GCA really caught my attention because they strive to educate and support hospitals and staff around the world. I would recommend any nurse who takes care of pediatric cardiac patients to go on a trip with this organization. It’s so rewarding!

Lacy Holevis
Medical Student, U.S.A