Patient Story – Denis

This is baby Denis, he was born in Sechenoro on October 23rd his mother thought he was healthy until he was 1 month old when he started having trouble feeding. On November 25th Denis’ mother Svetlana called the doctor and there began a rollercoaster ride for the family. Denis was transferred to Nizhny, about 200km from his home and then diagnosed with a complex heart disease, which is very difficult to operate on. Fortunately for Denis, the Novick Cardiac Alliance team arrived in Nizhny on December 6th and he was able to have surgery.

Denis was the 10th patient that had an operation on this trip and the team are still operating today. Denis did very well, his mother is very thankful and has already noticed he is feeding and breathing much better. Denis will need another operation to completely repair his heart but for now he is doing great and will be home in time for Christmas. He is pictured here with Karen Bowtell, one of the Novick Cardiac Alliance Clinical educators- apparently he is giving her his christmas list.