Patient Story – Alena

Alena is a 10-month-old baby who has Downs Syndrome, she was born in Dzerzhinsk and until she was 1 month old her mother did not know she had a heart problem. In April of this year Alena had her first heart operation, which helped her to gain weight and prevent damage to her lungs.

Last week the Novick Cardiac Alliance, in collaboration with the team in Nizhny, planned and performed a more complicated, complete repair of Alena’s heart defect. She spent quite a few days in the ICU and had a few bumps in the road but after having a very amusing chat with Dr Novick and receiving dedicated ICU care she is fully recovered. She is a happy baby who has entertained the team in the hospital and now she is ready to go home with her parents and 12-year-old brother. Bye Bye Alena – have a wonderful life with your happy, healed heart.