Medical Volunteer – Iryna Byvsheva

I’m pediatric cardiac ICU nurse. I work for Kharkov Institute of General and Urgent Surgery of the Ukrainian Academy of sciences since 2009.

First time I met Prof. Novick and his team in 2009, when he came for mission trip to our Centre. Teamwork under his leadership amazed and deeply impressed me. Since that time, he and his team came many times (as part of this project) to our Centre, providing life-saving operations, inspiring and educating our doctors and nurses. I am eyewitness of big changes in our local teamwork, a great advance in quality of the healthcare, and now I was asked if I could make a volunteer trip and become a part of the team. This was an honour for me, and I agreed.
Right now, I am volunteering as a team member in Voronezh, Russia, where I help local nurses, and I enjoy it – saving lives and educating! I am happy to contribute in this noble program, and thereby to thank William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance this way.