Medical Volunteer – Armando Guzman

For many years, I have participated with foundations dedicated to bringing cardiac surgeries in children, in regions of extreme poverty in my country, Mexico, together with my friend Dr. Humberto Rodríguez, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon. Later, Dr. Rodriguez was recruited by Dr. William Novick, to go on missions to perform heart surgeries on children in different countries and I was invited by Dr. Rodriguez to what would be my first international trip in Managua, Nicaragua.

Afterward, Dr. Novick´s team continued inviting me to join them on other missions and I have traveled many years with them, to the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ukraine and soon to Macedonia.

Dr. Novick´s teams have always shown solidarity with these patients and have been comitted to do their best and with the upmost quality in their work.

On each trip, I have definitely received more than I have given, because I take back with me, for my home and for my family, all the blessings from the parents of those children we treated, I have made many friends and most of all, I am left with the satisfaction, that these children will have a healthier life, thanks to the efforts of these wonderful teams. And I am looking forward to more!!!

I invite those who have the skills and knowledge to participate with the Novick Cardiac Alliance, to do so. I can assure you, that it will change your lives forever.