Honduras Welcome Letter

Helping Hands for Honduras (HHH) and the Honduran affiliate, Manos Ayudando a Honduras (MAH), welcome with “BRAZOS ABIERTOS” the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance. It is an honor for HHH/MAH to accompany Dr. William M Novick, his dedicated staff and team of medical volunteers in their two-fold mission of helping children with congenital heart defects, and the continuing formation of a Honduran Cardiovascular team of medical professionals. The partnership formed with the Cardiac Alliance serves a large portion of Honduran children who would otherwise not have the opportunity for cardiac care.It is with great anticipation that the ALLIANCE will flourish and grow in support of Honduran children with heart problems.
Felicidades y muchas bendiciones!

Ron and Alba Roll
Directors and CEO
Fundacion Manos Ayudando a Honduras